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Stephen K. Underwood, Esq.

Stephen K. Underwood is a Buffalo New York Divorce Attorney that has been representing divorce and family law clients for more than 25 years (see About).

The office is conveniently located on Union Road near West Seneca Town Court and has a handicap access ramp. Mr. Underwood offers a Free Consultation, so please be sure to contact him about your divorce and family law matters.

Clients receive exceptional customer service and can rely on responsive, efficient, and effective representation at reasonable fees and your phone calls will be returned promptly. Offering a complete set of divorce and family law services. Success is measured by results, and results are sought at every level of litigation.

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The Divorce Lawyer You Choose Can Have a Big Impact

Despite all the horror stories and people insisting that divorce has to be a horrible process, the right lawyer and the right plan can get you and your family what you need without turning your life upside down. Divorce does not have to be a long tit for tat process that harms your family and lightens your pocketbook. Let me support you through the process with the proper tools and preparation so that you get through it with less pain and grief.

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I will always guide you through your case in the way that is most beneficial to you, based upon your unique needs and circumstances. The plan will be to give you the best results possible and to create an accurate strategy for your specific case.

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