Fathers Rights New York

A lot of law firms in New York market themselves as “Father’s Rights,” lawyers. They make a wide range of promises that are sometimes unrealistic. The term “Father’s Rights” is misleading because parents have the exact same rights when it comes to divorce and custody in New York. Fathers, however, need to be aware of the proper strategy to get the best results in any given case.

What You Need to Know About Father’s Rights

Although you may have heard that the Court's are biased against fathers, it is important to understand that the court will apply the legal standard of “best interests of the child,” when deciding child custody, and you must present your case properly as it relates to that standard. The days where women always receive custody of the children have long passed.

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To maximize your time with your children in a custody case, you must be able to establish that your proposed custody arrangement is in the best interests of your children. This means the more involved you are with the day to raising of your children, the better off your case will be. This means that you should be doing things like helping with homework, being involved in picking up and dropping the children off for school, doctors appointments, and the other activities that show that you are a hands on father.

So don’t fall for they hype that some lawyers will sell you, that because they are a “Father’s Rights” firm they will somehow get you a great deal. You have to lay the groundwork yourself.

Fathers Rights New York

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